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Jerry Van Dyke's greatest success outside of the nightclub circuit has been on the small screen, especially in series television.  Like most veteran TV actors, he appeared in a fair share of pilots and brief series before landing his signature series Coach.  He has also made numerous guest appearances in established shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Newhart, and his brother's The Dick Van Dyke Show and Diagnosis Murder.  His early guest appearances often highlighted his banjo playing.  


  • Yes, Dear (2000) -- Plays the recurring character Big Jimmy Hughes on the CBS sitcom. 
  • Teen Angel (1997-98) -- Played Grandpa Jerry Beauchamp for one year in the short-lived ABC sitcom.
  • You Wish (1997-98) -- Another short-lived ABC sitcom where Jerry again played a Grandfather. 
  • Coach (1989-97) -- In the role that brought him great popularity and success, Jerry played Assistant Coach Luther Horatio Van Dam.  He was nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series in 1991, 1992, and 1994.
  • Fresno (1986) -- a comedy miniseries (a rarity) which spoofed Dallas, set in the "cutthroat" raisin industry of Fresno, California.  Jerry teamed with some of the brightest comedians in television, including Carol Burnett, Dabney Coleman, Teri Garr, Charles Grodin, and Michael Richards.  Unfortunately, it's unavailable on video. 
  • 13 Queens Boulevard (1979) -- Jerry co-starred in this ABC sitcom that lasted a few months of the 78-79 season.
  • The Headmaster (1970-71) -- An unusual dramatic departure for Jerry, playing a phys-ed teacher at an exclusive private high school, opposite headmaster Andy Griffith.  Audiences apparently had a hard time accepting Griffith in a drama, and the show lasted just one season. 
  • Accidental Family (1967-68) -- Semi-autobiographical sitcom with Jerry as a nightclub comedian and widower raising a young son.
  • My Mother the Car (1965-66) -- This notorious sitcom starred Jerry as a lawyer who finds that his used car is the reincarnation of his mother.  Ann Sothern provided the mother's voice.
  • The Judy Garland Show (1963) -- Jerry co-starred in this fascinating musical variety show which never found an audience and was cancelled after just one season. 
  • Picture This (1963) -- Jerry's first regular series, as emcee of a CBS summer quiz show. 

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